Wednesday, 28 March 2012

13 weeks left!!

So countdown begins....13 weeks to go!!! Unlucky for someJ   not much has happened since my last blog just mainly buying baby stuff and me raiding Amazon for lots of bottles (and other much needed stuff)

I went with kirsty to her mid-wife appointment last month to listen to the heartbeat that was a weird experience, you find time goes slow until you hear the mid-wife say ‘that’s fine!’ got told off for trying to give myself a eye-test when the mid-wife was speaking but that’s nothing new!  Kirsty is doubled in size and is feeling the full effect of it, gets tired on her feet very quickly but she is been brilliant throughout...... don’t know how she does it all with carrying around that belly, mines not quite as big and I find it hard.

Feeling more positive since the last post and everything seems to be coming together, saving up deposit has been easier than first thought and both sets of families seem to be helping us in every way. I find it hard sometimes thinking soon that i will be a father and still doubt myself but fingers crossed I will great at the job in hand!! Me and kirsty were saying the other day that these weeks will now go slow but I really hope they do as still stuff to sort out and want everything perfect before little man arrives, we haven’t got a name for sure yet but have a few in mind...... kirsty dismissed my name of Hughie Hugh Hughes as silly!!?? I thought it was a great name J

We have been told to contact the hospital regarding pre-birth groups with kirstys breathing (can’t remember the name) but kirsty is more worried I will play up with the equipment around..... love all the stuff you have to do preparing for the birth and think its a good thing to be with your partner through it all it makes it so much easier........ well hopefully I’ll do a blog soon and not too busy.

Thanks for reading J

Monday, 13 February 2012

its a boy!! :-)

So had the scan last Monday and found out its a .......’BOY!!!’   so pleased!!  I wasn’t worried what sex it was as long as it was healthy and he is so all good J
We had two scans because the women couldn’t get a good picture at first because he was laying on its front...lazy little lad!  Was not sure whether to find out the sex because people were saying it can ruining it but it prepares us to get clothes and set up his room when we finally sort housing out.

So weird looking at a screen and thinking ‘that’s my little man on their’ it’s such a surreal experience and one I will never forget, think my mum was hoping for a girl with my family dominated by men.... I have two brother and she always hoped for a girl but she seemed happy that everything was ok with him. I had a deal with kirsty from the start that if it’s a boy I would choose the name and if it was a girl she would choose.... but we both had to agree, so been thinking of names all this week and it’s very difficult.  Everyone has said that you can have a name but when he comes out and you see him he might not look like that name which is hard to imagine....... but I have a middle name I would like to give him and that is after my uncle (dads brother) who was taking from us very suddenly and when I was only young, but my dad loved him to pieces and I know he would be very happy if he had his name was that of his first grandson and i think little man will be proud to have that name when i tell him how much of a good bloke he was J

Been reading pregnancies books this week and been trying to take in as much as possible, it’s not all good reading but i find it very interesting and I’m even giving information to kirsty which she didn’t know..... check me out!!! J   all about how dilated a women has to be in early stages and things i can do to help at the birth. We have talked about what painkillers she would like and what sort of birth which I think is helping kirsty with all the worry of the pregnancy.  Want to be here for her for all the worries and questions she has to ask and be able to answer them with the right information, because two heads are better than one!!

Kirsty is now starting to show she is pregnant now with a little bump on her, really weird! We are starting to go out every couple of weeks together or with friends for a meal or cinema because we know when little man is here, all our time will be spent with him so trying to get as much time together as we can. But i think the arrival of little man will bring us closer together (i hope!), we have a lot of people around us who will help and you don’t realise how many until something like this happens. The support we are receiving is unbelievable and like to thank everyone for that!!

Hopefully posting on here every few weeks to tell you things that has happened so keep tuned! J   

Thanks for reading speak soon!

Monday, 23 January 2012

its a waiting game!

So now 17 weeks into the pregnancy and not long now till second scan. I went to see my mate stokes little boys this weekend and really puts it in your head what’s happening when you see young babies, he is a few months old and a little diamond. His cry is so sound-less and i couldn’t help but just watch him for ages, even missed the footy that was on the telly because I was trying to rock him to sleep. Had a few sleepless nights lately due to my foot causing a pain but was laying in bed the other night just making a list of stuff that’s needed. we have had a lot of help with people saying they have stuff for us to have and that’s a massive help!!  We want to buy lots of new stuff but sometimes you have to think of the pennies, things like a cot and buggy we will get ourselves because it’s always good to buy ‘new’.

  Housing is slowly but surely coming along, and also started up and savings account so now for 6 months with boring night in!! Kirsty said she felt a kick or a big movement in her belly the other day, must be a little footballer in there J we haven’t even found out the sex yet and already searching though names on the internet,  been seeing if you can’t make a silly name out of the initials like my mum did with DH..... think you know where I’m going on that one!
Missed kirstys mid-wife appointment due to work the other week but they said they heard the babies heartbeat which disappointed me as didn’t realise they was going to do that, at least the second scan is not far anyway so i can forget about missing that!

Like to congratulate Alice (who set me up blogging) on the news that she is having a little boy, she kept that quiet but now we can compare notes on how it’s going...... seems to be so many people I know having babies at the moment, all around the same time! Must be something in the air!
Nothing really else to report at the moment just hoping everything goes to plan this time, as few months before kirsty found out she was pregnant she went through a miscarriage......... was so hard as in the matter of 3 days we found out she was having a baby and then 2 days later she wasn’t. It was a very hard time for both of us and she was so brave through the whole thing, think that is why I worry so much now that she is eating right and getting enough rest..... they say men have it easy and maybe there right but it’s not as easy as you women might think! Right we might not have to deal with all the pains and aches but we worry 24/7 that everything is going to be ok just as much as you do, but it’s a guys job not to show it J
But that is the past and our little splodge is the future and I for one can’t wait.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

xmas over with!

Sorry for I have sinned it’s been over two week since my last blog J   xmas and new year out the way, and now in to the year 2012 it seems reality has hit.
Now it’s time to knuckle down and get saving!!! Kirsty is starting to get a little bump (even though she had 1 anyway) she has been hassling me to read these baby books about all these things that are happening to her body ,but every time I pick up one of them I get a rubbish drawing of a vigina looking at me, which in other circumstances wouldn’t be looked upon as a bad thing. I have started reading bits and its all is so hard to understand and not really relevant for me, maybe they should make a book telling me why my other half is eating crackers and coleslaw and telling me i do her head in and a minute later she wants ‘cuddles’ ?? .......women are puzzling at the best of times but now i know why my old man started drinking when he had kids!!! 

Since breaking my leg which weirdly lands with ‘splodge’ (our nick name for the baby) being conceived i have put on nearly 2 stone!!! Now that’s not just to do with my leg it don’t help when all kirsty wants is ‘chips and curry sauce’....’pizza’....and her favourite ‘McDonald’s’.  Right , I don’t have to eat that as well but when you can smell it I want it!! She sometimes come home with a fruit bowl which gets left on the side till its rotten she goes through fads but it’s mostly rubbish that’s eaten.  But then she goes on about how fat she is getting, well have a little person growing in you is not going to make you slim love, but the i get moaned at because apparently its ‘my fault!’ .... charming!    

I always think I should be making a list and getting everything sorted now but i don’t think you can ever be ready for a child even if it’s been planned for years. Nothing can prepare you for the life journey that lays ahead.....the scan where they can tell the sex is not long away, don’t know whether to find out or not but i think my exciting side will take over and want to know. I do secretly hope for a boy but as long as its health that will do me fine.

Well as xmas is out the way I hope to do more blogs and just really get everything off my chest. But i wish you a happy new year and hopefully it will for me, as its one of the most important years I will ever have.

Speak soon!  

Monday, 19 December 2011

shes pregant ??

Waking up one cold morning I didn’t expect the day i was about too, Kirsty (my significant other) said she felt very ill but this didn’t surprise me in any way as women feel sick most days. she said she was going to book a appointment at the doctors. She must be feeling bad then as she hates doctors, 'well hope you feel better soon and let me know how it goes' i said just leaving for work.

I have just started in a new department at work so things have been quite stressful to say the least and with me break my legs a few weeks back, hopping around was taking it out of me. Kirsty texted me to say she was leaving for the doctors and she will phone me when she got back....... nothing about her being pregnant came to mind or was even anything we thought of, but that was about to change. Must of been a hour later and a text came through on my phone from Kirsty, pressing the button a sentence popped up looking at me 'you’re going to be a daddy!'....... my whole body stopped for what must of been seconds but felt like years.
This must of been a wind up?? She is having me on for all the tricks i play on her?? is it mine?? (didn’t think the last one but i tell Kristy i thought that )

I have thought about being a dad before but always thought 'old fashioned' , being settled with house and being sable, not living at home with no savings and not the best of paid job. kirsty told her family straight away and they were pleased, but I couldn’t tell my family as I knew the response!
'where you going to live!!!' 'how you going to afford it!!!' 'you’re not grown up enough!!!'....... kirsty bugged me for weeks to tell them but I couldn’t.

a week ago we had our 12 week scan and kirsty couldn’t wait, nor could i but still had it in my head about my family. we turned up at the hospital at 8am (told my mum i was starting work early) kirsty was up at 6am so excited and with me who usually calls her lazy bones then i knew just how excited she was. We was in the waiting room and i looked around to see middle aged couples, we must of been the youngest by a good 10-15 years...... but 1 person caught my eye, a young women on her own and i heard her say to the nurse 'the father didn’t want to come', which made me feel a lot better to know i was always going to be here for kirsty and for our baby. we got called in to the scan room, kirsty got onto the bed and up popped this little baby figure on a computer.... it looked like it was on a bouncy castle and it that moment in time everything seemed so real. 'it’s a lively one' the nurse said with a smile, 'OH GOD... it’s going to be like him' kirsty said looking my way. i just knew now I had to tell my parents and friends, seeing what i did at that scan was the kick up the bum i needed.

when I got back I told my mum and got the lecture I told I would, but she has in the last few days been showing me that she is coming round to the idea and can’t wait to be a nanny. So this is my story of the next few 6 month which if its anything like it started is going to be emotional.